Travel healthcare workers- How you can join this profession?


If you are looking for a career in the most demanding field, you should probably look for an exciting career like Respiratory Therapist, Medical Assistant, Phlebotomy, Nurse Aide, Patient Care Tech, EKG Tech, Nurse. Employment for healthcare workers on average is predicted to grow 15% by 2026, much faster than the national average for all occupations. The healthcare industry is struggling to cope with the burden of aging and is increasingly demanding new faces.

This increased demand for health care may be more than the facility can handle. This is where a travel healthcare worker comes in. They travel across the country to the places they need most. Each new place brings new challenges, excitement, and adventures.

What is a travel healthcare worker?

Answer the first question before researching the benefits. What is a Travel healthcare worker? A traveling worker goes from facility to facility across the country and fills gaps in a particular area. Healthcare workers are needed, so traveling workers are hired temporarily to bridge the gap. Travel assignments range from 4 to 26 weeks and are available to different types of positions. These positions are considered W2 employees of an agency or independent contractors and often work with multiple orginizations specializing in finding assignments and negotiating salaries and benefits.Pay is based on the location and can often be negotiated. You may see what is called a blended rate, which means your untaxed and taxed money is combined in the package you are viewing. Don’t be discouraged, the goal is to have a high tax free stipend and a moderate level taxed rate. Tax free stipends depend on the cost of living in an area as well as the per diem rates. You can find more information on that here

Benefits of Being a Travel healthcare worker

  • Plenty of chances to explore

  • Eligibility for permanent staffing

  • Accelerate your wage while having many ways to enjoy

  • Extraordinary wages and benefits

  • Experience for your resume

  • New friends

  • Freedom and flexibility

How to become a travel healthcare worker?

As you have seen some of these exciting benefits, you may be wondering how to become a travel nurse. Travel healthcare workers need an associate degree or a nursing degree. You must also take a certification or licensing exam to obtain a license. Most institutions with travel staff wish to have at least one year of experience before embarking on a mission. For more information, contact us and let us guide you professionally, and help you obtain additional certifications.

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